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Why It’s Never Been Easier to be a Freelance Writer

Do you feel like today’s freelance writing marketplace is just too difficult to break into? Too competitive for you to move up and earn well? Well, I disagree. In fact, I believe there’s never been a better time to be

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5 Ways Introverted Freelance Writers Can Do Painless Marketing

By Nillu Nasser Stelter If you’re anything like me, one of the reasons you are a freelance writer is that you enjoy solitude. Whether you write best in a hideaway or in a crowded cafe, you’re comfortable inside your own

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4 Reasons Why Grammar Police Make Terrible Writers

by Linda Formichelli The other day I received this email in response to a marketing message I sent out to my subscription list: Basic grammar forbids the use of double negatives, “…using the wrong set of skills for the wrong

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5 Ways Freelance Writers Can Earn More Without Marketing

Hands up, writers — who loves to do marketing and reach out to new prospects? Yeah. I thought so. Well, here’s a piece of good news. You can earn more without having to talk to strangers, if you have a

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The Laid-Back Method That Grows Your Freelance Business

By Daryl George Have you ever labored over writing the perfect guest post or pitch, only to be greeted by silence or rejection? Or maybe you’ve hit a roadblock, with your freelance writing business spinning its wheels while the mud

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3 Simple Ways to Find Better-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Do you feel like it’s a pipe dream to make a living as a freelance writer? I hear a lot of comments like this from writers who are about ready to give up on their writing dreams. They write me

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