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How Writers Can Stop Procrastinating Forever

Having trouble getting to the writing? Here’s a perspective on writing procrastination that may help you get organized.

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5 Tips to Beat the Inefficient Monday Freelance Writer Blues

Do your Mondays seem to whiz by without your ever getting a chance to write? That has been me, for a long while now. It always seems like by the time I answer Freelance Writers Den questions and blog comments

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Hit the Wall? 8 Marathon Training Tips for Writing Stamina

By Cinthia Ritchie You’re slumped over your desk struggling with the freelance writing assignment you contracted three months ago — and just started today. You cram chocolate in your mouth and send one desperate email after another. Sound familiar? For

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How to De-Clutter Your Mind and Become a More Productive Writer

Have you been finding it harder and harder to get the writing done lately? This happened to me recently. I felt like a rusty engine slowly grinding to a halt on rails that needed some oiling. It seemed super-hard to

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How I Conquered 200+ Emails Per Day and Reclaimed My Writing Time

My name is Carol Tice and I’m an email addict. (You: “Hi Carol!”) Here is the story of how email overwhelm nearly ruined both my freelance writing and personal lives, and how I slayed the email dragon and returned to

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Why You Keep Goofing Off Instead of Writing or Marketing

Do you find yourself unable to get focused on your writing? It’s a pretty common problem among writers. Among all freelancers, really. Let’s face it — distractions are everywhere for the home-based, self-employed person. There’s laundry to do, neighbors who

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