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140 Websites That Pay Writers in 2014

By Jennifer Roland Way back in 2010, Carol decided to bust a move here on the blog. As an advocate for writers seeking out good-paying work rather than writing for “exposure” or pennies, she decided it was time to start

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Is This Inappropriate Emotion Killing Your Freelance Writing Income?

I’ve got a question for you today, writers. How do you feel about your freelance writing clients? I ask because today’s topic is just that — the feelings we have for our clients. Because business isn’t all dollars and cents.

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Your 10 Favorite Posts of the Year About Freelance Writing & Blogging

As I start a new year with this blog, I always have one question on my mind — what do readers of  Make a Living Writing need to know most? One way I’m finding out is with my subscriber survey

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6 Figures in Year Two: One Writer’s Success Tips

By Shawndra Russell If you’re a writer, you should be skipping in the streets, because we are needed more than ever. Evidence: I was able to ramp my writing business to six figures by the end of my second year

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How I Scored Great Clients Off My Low Paid Content Mill Gig

By Angie Mansfield We all know how Carol feels about freelance writing content mills, and I absolutely agree with her. They’re not a way to make a good living. But can you ever make a mill job work for you?

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Why Writing For Free is Better Than Writing for $20

Recently, I took on 200 new members of Freelance Writers Den. It’s always interesting to hear the stories of members and why they join. One tale I hear from many of the writers. The details vary, but the basic drift

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