Useful Writing Courses

Useful Writing Courses

Looking to improve your writing and pitching skills?

Sometimes, taking a focused course can really move your career forward fast.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with The Renegade Writer’s Linda Formichelli to create several small-group courses aimed at helping writers ramp up their skills and earn more.

Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli

4-Week J-School: Journalism Crash Course

We have self-study courses on sale right now including 4 Week Journalism School, Escape the Content Mills, Earn Big as a Young Freelance Writer, and Write Big: A Fear-Busting E-Course for Freelance Writers. These boil down decades of freelance experience into handy modules you can study as you have time.

We also have two premium courses we teach to small groups of writers: Pitch Clinic and Article Writing Masterclass.


These premium courses give you real-world feedback from two longtime pro writers, and from working magazine editors. Learn what really works, what’s expected, and how to make your story idea and article draft really shine.

We host all these classes over on our Useful Writing Courses site — take a browse and you can see what’s currently available, and get on the waiting list to be first to hear when a premium course opens.

What students are saying about our classes…

Karen MorseI landed a short piece for Weight Watchers magazine as a result of pitch clinic, which then led to another assignment from them (and hopefully more to come!)

Thanks for helping me break in with this great magazine! –Karen Morse

Lane Vail“I am totally flabbergasted that this morning I received the green light from the national editor of Natural Awakenings magazine to write an article whose idea came from my participation in Carol & Linda’s most recent J-School! This was the first query I’ve ever written, and I got the assignment from a magazine whose readership is between 1-3 million. I am a complete novice to freelance writing, and I am totally over the moon. Thank you so much Carol and Linda for the push to brainstorm article ideas and the opportunity to fine-tune query letters in the J-School class.”–Lane Vail

Thomas“I got two clients during this class — so thank you! After the first AWM class module on style, I pitched one career website, just to get a sample — but the editor liked my work so much he’s looking to get me paid. After studying another website’s writing style and headlines as I learned in class, I pitched them and got accepted to write for their blog. I honestly wish I had taken this class earlier!”—Thomas Hill