Why I Pay Writers for Blog Posts

Blog Posts Should Pay

I started this blog because I’m on a mission to help writers find better-paying gigs.

That applies to blog posts, too.

I believe if a blog makes money for its owner, guest posters should be paid.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is. Recently, this blog began to earn income, so I now pay guest posters $50 per post.

Can you pitch me?

As of March 2013, I am only accepting guest posts from current and former Freelance Writers Den members, and from students or graduates of Jon Morrow’s blog mentoring program.

10 Steps to Guest Posting for Me

Assuming you have been through either the Den or Jon’s course, I welcome your guest-post pitch.

Here are my writer’s guidelines:

1. Become a subscriber to this blog and read it a while. Nearly all my successful guest posts come from regular readers.

2. Read and follow these guidelines.

3. Submit your best headline idea and outline for your proposed guest post. I will respond and do one of the following:

  • Tell you the topic is not of interest
  • Ask for changes to your premise before giving you the go-ahead
  • Make an assignment

4. Receiving an assignment is not a guarantee of publication. So remember to write the heck out of it.

5. I pay on publication. I often have a backlog of guest posts and only use 2-3 per month, so it may take 8-10 weeks for your post to appear.

6. I am buying exclusive first-time publication rights. I reserve the right to reprint your post on other sites and in ebooks. You may reprint the post elsewhere after 90 days.

7. DO NOT SUBMIT PRE-WRITTEN POSTS without getting an assignment from me first. They will not be considered.

8. I prefer 500-word guest posts. If you submit a much longer one, I will ask you to edit it down.

9. Note that I do NOT pay experts who do a guest post ahead of an appearance on one of my Webinars or podcasts, or who are posting specifically to promote a book or other product.

10. On the day your post goes up, please come on and respond to comments. Part of what I pay for is your helping to drive engagement and social sharing of the post.

NOTE: If you are an agency or company working to place guest posts for your clients so they can get links, I am never, ever going to work with you. You can really skip pitching me. Take me off your list now. Thanks.

Wondering what makes an awesome post I just can’t resist publishing? Most of my guest posts contain firsthand, practical advice about some creative way to increase your freelance writing income.

Here are a few great guest posts I’ve paid for:

How I Supercharged My Writing Income With a Niche Website

How I Got 25,000 Blog Subscribers from Pinterest…in Two Months Flat

3 Ways Smartphone Apps Can Help Freelance Writers Get More Gigs

How to Get Well-Paid Copywriting Gigs Without Being a Suck-Up

More help crafting the perfect guest post

Recently, I did a post analyzing a round of guest-post pitches I got to identify common problems that caused me to reject a pitch. Strongly recommend you read it:

10 Reasons Why Your Guest Post Pitch Got Rejected

My nondiscrimination policy

This site actively welcomes useful contributions about how writers can earn more from writers of every color, ethnicity, religious faith, sexual orientation, political viewpoint, and country of residence or origin. If you’ve got helpful information for freelance writers and are in one of my two qualified writer groups, I encourage you to contact me with your pitch.

My list of blogs that pay at least $50 a post

As a service to the writer community, I’ve started a list of blogs that pay more than $50 a post.

It’s short for now, but I’m hoping to see it grow. Please let me know if you are aware of another blog that pays at least $50 per post.

I’ll kick this off with a few good compendiums I’ve found of decent-paying blog markets:

  •  YoungPrePro has a list of 30 paying markets
  • Matador has a list from 2010 of nearly 30 markets at a wide range of pay rates, from very low to $1 a word+.
  • Sophie Lizard’s 2012 list of 45 Paying Markets
  • Writers In Charge (formerly YoungPrePro) 2013 list of 45 More Markets.

Here’s my own list (besides my own blog) of blogs that pay, many of which I’m thrilled to say were influenced by my own move to pay for posts:

NEW! Big Grey Horse Media — If you live in Texas, you can pitch these folks — they pay $125-$200 a post. Tell Laura Townshend I sent you.

Your Online Biz — Thrilled to have inspired Darnell Jackson to now pay $100 a post.

Be a Freelance Blogger — Congrats to Sophie Lizard for starting to pay $50 a post.

Freelance Switch – they pay at least $50 per post, too! So I think they’re cool. And now I even guest blog for them on a regular basis myself. (They are owned by Envato, which has many other sites that pay, too.)

One Spoon at a Time with Paul Wolfe — $50 a post. This one was inspired by my announcement…I’m excited!

OnText – OK, they only pay $40 a post. But maybe some of you would like to know anyway, I’m betting.

Patch – AOL’s Patch.com, as of this writing, often pays $50 and up for short blog-postlike articles.

PostJoint – This platform pays $100-$250 a post. Check it out!

ReadLearnWrite – Paying $50 a post after seeing my Problogger post about paid guesting.

The Renegade Writer – Excited to add my Freelance Writers Den partner Linda Formichelli’s blog to the list of sites paying $50 a post.

David Worrell’s blog, Your Inside Guy David was the first one to jump on board my bandwagon and start pay $50 for guests posts. So I think he’s the coolest. You should definitely read his blog.